new chapbook

great news, my chapbook “constellations gathered along the ecliptic” has been accepted by SHADOWBOX PRESS. go check out their site, and check out the blog of the editor, EM Bertram.

it should come out in the summer, so i will link to it when it’s printed. and you must buy a copy 😉



5 thoughts on “new chapbook

  1. i’m sure you can pre-order, perhaps go the the editors site and just let her know 😉 thanks for your support katy!

  2. You do realize that my score should be 16 as you did reset me after I blew away the competition in the original literary survivor game!

  3. Hello, I’m attempting to locate your email address… having no luck. I wonder if you might drop me a line:, question for you. Congratulations, by the way. 🙂

  4. quite true mephis…i am re-instating your points but insist that you must throw your hat back into the ring 😉

    thanks mego, i should put my email somewhere on this site….anyways, i will email my email…


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