almost the weekend!


on monday, had a meet and greet with the faculty and other prospective students for the PHD program i will most likely be attending. one of the many highlights was meeting the poet ALFRED ARTEAGA (whose new book you should check out), who teaches in the ethnic studies department. he is crazy cool and teaches a graduate poetry workshop in the spring which i just might take! tho my research will not really include poetry, i will of course still be writing 😉 also, i think, LYN HEJINIAN teaches a graduate workshop in the fall…how exciting!


this poster is great…altho i wont make the fair, LORNA DEE CERVANTES will be there…so if you go, buy something for me 😉


3 thoughts on “almost the weekend!

  1. Hey, sorry I’ll miss you. And, you know what – nothing decided, but Alfred just might take a sabbatical next year — if so, I’d sure like to be the one teaching that spring workshop. That’d be just too cool.

  2. hi lorna! wow i hope you will teach the course if alfred is on sabbatical. i will definitely be in the class!

    hi baby! that book sounds interesting, but you know that i’m allergic to novels!!!

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