The New Sentence

YAY, just found out that SENTENCE, a journal of prose poetry, has accepted 2 of my poems for issue 6. this makes me especially happy since writing prose poems is such a struggle for me. also, the poems are from my book manuscript.

this month has been lucky for me…so far 10 acceptance, 6 rejections. i fear the downswing though! hopefully april will not be the cruellest month.


so i teach at an after school center for immigrant kids, and my students are always telling me about their cultures. one of my more sassy second graders told me today that “indians don’t like wearing shoes.” then i asked her if she would rather not wear shoes to school. she thought for a moment and said “well, probably not because the teachers wouldn’t say ‘oh, she’s indian, and that’s why she doesnt like wearing shoes’ but they would say ‘oh, she’s crazy, and THAT’S WHY she doesnt like wearing shoes'”. needless to say, her observation made my day.


and this is a great friday song (dedicated to my baby), but you gots to turn it UP:


2 thoughts on “The New Sentence

  1. congrats on the getting published…
    is it not interesting how time constrews the filters thru which we percieve? the way children view the world and the idiosynchrosies therein in comparison to that of adulthood. as a child I would have run barefoot thru briar patches and now I don’t want to walk across the floor without my slippers on (unless I just vacuumed). yet i love the feel of thick grass under my feet or that of sand between my toes…
    anyhow, thanks for sharing.

  2. thanks ozy! yeah, one thing i love about working with kids is how much i learn from them! thanks for commenting!

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