moria, mortal


yay, some NEW collab poems are live at MORIA. my conspirator can be found here.


also, i won a free copy of Ivy Alvarez’s new book MORTAL from Red Morning Press because the press asked the following question and i answered correctly. im a sucker for trivia.

and since no one is guessing the blog title, i’ll give 2 points to the first person who guesses this:

From the Final Jeopardy category “Poets.” The clue was something like “In 2005, a Library of Congress exhibit on this poet included a display called ‘Wound Dresser.'”


and fun things over at nicholas’s blog


and read this re: Tupelo’s prizes


and a secret song:


3 thoughts on “moria, mortal

  1. Would that, by any chance, be Mr. Walt Whitman?

    Damn. I too could have had Ivy’s book!

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