redlands review

i’m in SoCal right now because last night i was featured on a panel presented by the REDLANDS REVIEWS (i have a poem forthcoming in their next issue) at the University of Redlands.

the panel was titled “The Writer’s Panel: A Discussion of Art and Career”. it also featured Joanna Howard (editor of the Encyclopedia project, Brown prof), Erin Aubry Kaplan (former op-ed columnist for the LA Times), Andrew Tonkovich (editor of the Santa Monica Review), David Ulin (book editor for the LA Times), and Dwight Yates (fiction writer, UC riverside prof) and Cole Cohen (experimental fiction writer).

what was i doing on the panel? you might be asking. every clever answer gets you a point 😉

will post some pics when we return on sunday.

thanks to annie freshwater, whitney backman, leslie brody and the staff of the REDLANDS REVIEW for their wonderfulness!

and if you havent submitted or ever bought a copy of the review, what are you waiting for?



2 thoughts on “redlands review

  1. Because everyone at The Redlands Reviews was tearing their hair out, dying to know that “What is Said to the Poet Concerning Flowers” is by Brian Kim Stefans.

    Oh, and because you’re great.

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