catching up on NaPoWrMo



small in-
cision of paper-
cut end-
ing caesura



moth wing-
s touching name-
less street-



in a silver lock-
et a moth-
er keeps her daughter-
‘s ashes


the bay area was hot with poetry this weekend. went to SPD’s Spring sale on saturday where I saw Dodie Bellamy, Juliana Spahr, Will Alexander and Albert Flynn Desilver. I bought just two books: Myung Mi Kim’s Under Flag and Bhanu Kapil’s Incubation.

then today i went to Pegasus in Berkeley and saw Barbara Jane Reyes and Evie Shockley. i bought shockley’s “a half-red sea”. one of the best readings i’ve ever been to. electric.

there were so many other great readings that i missed!




2 thoughts on “catching up on NaPoWrMo

  1. hey clay,

    i wanted to say hello before i left, but you were in conversation with a bunch of folks and i didnt want to interrupt. next time…it was my first time at a pegasus reading and i will definitely be back!

    take care

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