had an exhausting fun weekend. on friday my girl read at Berkeley with JORIE GRAHAM. jorie is a wonderfully intense reader, who read from OVERLORD and from some new work. after, we went out to dinner with jorie, charles altieri, jane miller, and other folks i didnt know, tho one was the 2006 winner of the YALE YOUNGER POETS AWARD, who is also a PHD student at berkeley. there was much drunkenness needless to say.


on sunday, i was a panelist at the USF’s “Symposium on Career Paths in Writing”. i was on a poetry panel with norma cole, julie brock, and brian dempster.

also on sunday was the FAMOKSAIYAN conference, a conference on Chamoru Self Determination and Decolonization. i did a workshop on Pacific Island Poetry which was quite fun.


in case you havent noticed yet, we have published the first ACHIOTE PRESS chapbooks!!!!!! read post below to find out details…and let me know ASAP if you want to purchase the books because they are going fast and will probably be gone by SUNDAY the 29th (which is our reading in San Francisco)(you get 2 chapbooks for $12).


monday song



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