is NaPoWrMo over yet?



wisteria tend-
rils rend the lattice-
work window-



her hair trails under-
water river flow-
ers in rot-



less grave black-
birds dig-
esting the sun



villages sing-
ed into no-
thing our voices end-



black goat skin-
ned its blood clot-
hing the sand-
stone wall



4 thoughts on “is NaPoWrMo over yet?

  1. What’s with the compartmentalized poetry? Hm??? I see one titled 4/20… is that some kind of hint? Ja Mon! Wait, is 4/20 the song of Ophelia?? that one stick…

  2. dont know exactly…just coming like that — but only till the 30th, then i stop!

    ya but 4.20 is the ophelia poem

  3. I think you should throw in a 4/31 to demonstrate your command of time, space and the julian calendar year… and you should title I.C.E. (In Common Era)

    Speaking of common era… I saw something curious, was at the de young the weekend before last and noticed that an exhibit of Aztec wall frescoes, the description, was written using BC and AD. Strange for a city that prides itself on rampant political correctness, no?

  4. yo, i barely will survive getting to 4.30.

    that really interesting re: the fresco dating…i never really noticed that gesture of placing those “artifacts” in christian time…hmmm….

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