poem + ACHIOTE PRESS READING THIS SUNDAY!!!! a few chapbooks are still available, but email me NOW if you want a copy



every breath we-
aving still-
ness becomes a quest-


Sunday April 29th at 3PM
Canessa Park Poetry

Help us welcome Achiote Press into the world
with two new chapbooks:

“the immaculate autopsy” by Todd Melicker &

the chap-journal “Achiote Seeds” featuring work
by Barbara Jane Reyes, Rebecca Mabanglo-Mayor
& Rich Villar.

& readings from:

Oscar Bermeo
Todd Melicker
Barbara Jane Reyes
Rebecca Mabanglo-Mayor
& Alfred Arteaga

and possibly echoes of Antonin Artaud

DISCOUNTED chapbooks will be available!!

$3-5 suggested donation at the door

curated by Tiff Dressen

Can you Canessa? Come to 708 Montgomery Street (X-Street Columbus)
tucked among the inner organs of North Beach



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