why is it so hot?


…a 95 degree monday…ugh…and MAY has been the cruelest month: 8 rejections already! that’s almost 1 a day! and only 2 acceptances so far…ugh…


what does cheer me up is all these new sites: THE LATINO POETRY REVIEW BLOG


fun conversation topics at BARBARA’s BLOG


a blog on ARS POETICA

and this wonderful article on ethnic publishing by Bruna Mori.


so i’ve been seeing the worst movies recently. has anyone seen LITTLE CHILDREN, with Kate Winslet? a dystopic-suburbia movie, kind of reminiscent of American Beauty. now, i am compelled by the darker side of white privilege as much as the next person, but the voice-over in this movie was totally creepy.

Frantz Fanon theorizes that a white woman’s breasts represent symbolic access to white civilization for the black man. but lord only knows what kate winslet’s breasts have to do with anything, besides the fact that her character has a master’s degree in english lit and joins a books club reading Madame Bovary. 2/3 through the movie, i said to my gf that i really liked the movie becuase it was all about white people effing up their lives and making bad decisions (the opposite of the movie Babel). there were not even any ethnic people doing the lawns or cleaning houses. this redeemed the movie for me.

BUT as soon as i said that, there was a scene where one of the characters goes to the hospital because his mother had a heart attack. he sits in the waiting room and suddenly a spanish speaking woman inexplicably carrying 2 cups of coffee sits next to him. she offers him one cup of coffee and says in a high pitched voice: “cafe con leche?” he accepts the coffee. the kind ethnic woman then takes an old picture out of her wallet and shows it to him. she says in the same high pitched voiced i just mentioned: “mi madre”. AND THEN THE SCENE ENDS!!!!

SO CLOSE!!!! i still can’t believe they didnt have her then try to sell him flowers repeating in a sing-song voice: “flores para los muertes” tennessee-williams-style.


will comment on the other movies later 😉 and will someone guess the blog title already.



5 thoughts on “why is it so hot?

  1. I thought ALL Hollywood movies were about white people screwing up their lives…

    Two titles come to mind, the early 90s movie “Daughters of the dust” which i vaguly remember and a book by Ruskin “The Ethics of the Dust”. The latter I remember nothing about but am pretty sure I am supposed to (as I think I was tested on it back in my youth)

  2. gawd, that movie scene is really f***ing funny for its pointlessness. hm, what to do what to do….

  3. ozy, if only ALL HOLLYWOOD were about that. then i would really LUV hollywood. i will give you a point for the guesses, but not what i am thinking of 😉

    barbara, yes, what to do with such pointlessness…but blog about it 😉


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