DA Powell has a wonderful essay on figurative language up at Poets.org. He teaches at USF and i had the chance to TA for him during my MFA. an amazing writer and teacher.


shanna compton also has a great essay on blogging at the poetry foundation.
Since i’ve only been blogging for a year, it’s cool to read the perspective of someone whose been around longer.


and barbara has a great reading list of Filipino Lit / Crit in response to a bunch of passive readers passively expecting books by Filipinos to magically show up at their doorstep (and by doorstep, i mean Barnes & Nobles).

tho i must admit that Pacific Lit / Crit is often hard to find as well. this, of course, doesnt mean that Pacific writing is invisible, you just have to look BEYOND mainstream booksellers. even if it means spending $13 for a $6 book to be shipped from New Zealand. Knowing that book traveled across the ocean often has a romantic value, at least to me 😉


speaking of Pac Lit, here’s some news from TINFISH…as you can see, i have work forthcoming in both their print journal (Tinfish #17) and on their online edition (Tinfish Net). so make sure you buy the print journal, it’s looking HOT!!!

This summer, the press gods willing, Tinfish Press will publish more
good works of experimental writing from the Pacific. Please support our
work. See http://tinfishpress.com for the full effect. You can buy
Tinfish products from our website, from Small Press Distribution
(spdbooks.org), or from the UH Bookstore and Native Books in Honolulu,

–Tinfish #17: our 17th journal issue, features poems by R. Zamora
Linmark, Shin Yu Pai, Kaia Sand, Jules Boykoff, Afaa Michael Weaver,
Sage U`ilani Takehiro, Deborah Meadows, Steve Bradbury, Kimo Armitage,
Kim Hyesoon (translated by Don Mee Choi), Craig Perez, Normie Salvador,
and many others! Bowling score sheet covers by Jean Pitman and
centerfold by N. Trisha Lagaso Goldberg. Graphic design by Yoko Hattori.
$8 each or $20 for three (you can get issues 14-16, as well, for $20).

–Counting Corpses, by Sarith Peou. Poems about the Khmer Rouge genocide
in Cambodia by a survivor. Graphic design (in more than one sense) by
Gaye Chan and Lian Litvin.

–Tinfish net #3, a collection of essays and thoughts on translation.
John Zuern, Craig Perez, Donatella Izzo, Linh Dinh, and many others.

In the near future we will also be publishing a chapbook by Hwang Jiwoo,
translated by the late Scott Saner, and a full-length book by Hazel
Smith, The Erotics of Geography, with CD-ROM.

“About us” news:

A long section of Susan M. Schultz’s DEMENTIA BLOG (August) is featured
in the new issue of INTERIM, out of UNLV. See here for details on the
journal’s previous issue: http://interimmag.org/

Susan has poems in NOT FOR MOTHERS ONLY, from Fence Books.

Gaye Chan and Andrea Feeser’s Waikiki: A History of Forgetting and
Remembering from UH Press is available through amazon.com and other sources.

If you would like to give money to Tinfish while buying things, please
give your business to Giveline:


If you’d like to give us money pure and simple, just go to
http://tinfishpress.com and hit the donate button. We appreciate any
support you can offer. Enjoy your reading.

Susan M. Schultz
Department of English
University of Hawai`i-Manoa
Honolulu, HI 96822

Go Cards!!!

now available:
_A Poetics of Impasse in Modern and Contemporary American Poetry_,
University of Alabama Press





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