first and foremost, there is a new issue of GALATEA RESURRECTS!!! 56 REVIEWS!!! crazy

my review of Padcha Tuntha-obas’s composite.diplomacy (Tinfish) is online there (it appeared in print at Boog City.

and achiote author rebecca mabanglo-mayor reviews Urayoan Noel in a wonderful review of Kool Logic which i havent read, but sounds intriguing

also, nicholas manning done and gone crazy in his feature review


eileen tabios reviews ACHIOTE PRESS’s first single author chap: the immaculate autopsy by TODD MELICKER. yes, we have 3 copies left, so if you are stirred by her review, email me NOW and order your copy.


as if that wasnt enough, some collaborative poems of mine and my love have just gone live at DENVER SYNTAX.


also, the new issue of THE REDLANDS REVIEW was just published, and i have 2 pages from my chapbook called “afterthrall” in it. the issue is great, but i dont know where there website it…but if i find out how one can purchase this book, i will let you know 😉



2 thoughts on “newsy

  1. Hey Craig, long time no blog-interaction!

    That’s a lovely review of Padcha Tuntha-Obas: makes Pound look not very “composite” acutally, though probably he wouldn’t have wanted to be (composite might not bring out that decorative ideogram charm?) Nice too, Eileen on Todd Melicker. I’ve been so pressed for time, but I have to put in an order for those lovely chaps, if you’ve got some left . . . I’ll email you. “Done and gone crazy”, I like that! But no, satire, satire, satire.


  2. craig, I read your review and really appreciate it! I just finished my critical thesis on her, both the composite chapbook and her full-length “trespasses.” I knew how to read the Thai, so it’s always interesting to see how people unfamiliar with the Thai receive her work. best to you! -alysha

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