some new poems in Tinfish 17

Tinfish 17: June, 2007: The Bowling Score-card Issue

Tinfish 17 is our largest, most bountiful issue yet, and includes work by R. Zamora Linmark, Shin Yu Pai, Kaia Sand, Sage U`ilani Takehiro, Tiare Picard, Afaa Michael Weaver, Ryan Oishi, Deborah Meadows, Kimo Armitage, Ann Inoshita, Jules Boykoff, Craig Perez, Clint Frakes, Jane Sprague, Paolo Javier, Truong Tran, Normie Salvador, and many others.

What are some things you will find in this issue?

–definitions to words like “skin,” “rock,” “bangungot,” “mynah litature,” “Guam”
–American epics (undone)
–13 ways and 14 lines
–poems of exile and estrangement, a prayer
–politics and love, together and apart

Covers by Jean Pitman, Centerfold by N. Trisha Lagaso Goldberg, Graphic Design by Yoko Hattori. $10 or a subscription to three issues for $25. Back issues available, as well. Order 14-16 by check for $20. Single back issues are $8 each.

Order from our website:
Or send a check to Tinfish Press, 47-728 Hui Kelu Street #9, Kane`ohe, HI 96744


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