how cute


great news! just found out that my review of Jen Hofer’s LIP WOLF (translations of Laura Solorzano) was accepted by THE DENVER QUARTERLY. and they pay $10 a page, tho i’m not sure how many pages my review will take up in book form. LIP WOLF (published by ACTION BOOKS) is an incredible collection, you should buy it from SPD.

not only that, but my girlfriend found out yesterday that THE DENVER QUARTERLY accepted one of her poems. we are hoping we will be in the same issue! it’s funny, our apartment isnt big enough for the both of us, but apparently the denver quarterly is 😉



2 thoughts on “how cute

  1. Congratulations on that review. I actually want to commission a review of that book (Joyelle McSweeney is at Notre Dame now, as you may know). I have an idea if you’re amenable. Pehaps AFTER that review appears at Denver Quarterly, Latino Poetry Review can re-print it online–giving full credit to DQ of course. Just a thought.


  2. Thanks for the review. That’s a fantastic book (no I’m not biased).

    However, it’s not going on sale until August 1st. So that’s when SPD will have it. Or you can buy it from the action books web site for a special low price.

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