so the hottest thing in the world of PODCASTING is Seth Harwood and his noir-thriller JACK PALMS 2: THIS IS LIFE. i’ve been addicted to his podcasts for awhile now. check it out–the first PODCAST of this sequel goes live tomorrow!!!!



6 thoughts on “THIS IS LIFE

  1. don’t know if any one has guessed the title yet… are we still playing this game?

    content’s dream (essays and such on modernism and such)

    i don’t remember the editor, but i know it was published by northwestern university press who also published Perloff’s Poetics of Indeterminacy which i love to bits.

  2. of course we are still playing 😉 and you get a point!

    someone can still guess the author for a point 😉


  3. hey craig! finally home for summer and away from may term madness so i can finally sit down and read your chapbooks, and very much looking forward to it. hope all is well

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