(i know how much nicholas LOVES jewel’s work 😉


yes today is the first official day of my VACATION! and it couldnt have come at a better time. even tho i wont be traveling to any exoticized locations, i have happy to just have some free time.

thanks to everyone who responded below. i appreciate your support and kind words. and please know i am open to further dialogue on this issue, and i will comment on the comments in the post below soon (in which there is an interesting discussion).

from what people have said, i realize now that the person who threatened had no grounds to sue, and was probably just bluffing. i was naive and frightened enough to fall for it. so whoever you are (and whatever your REAL NAME is) CONGRATULATIONS! let me know if you are ever in bay area and i will buy you a Baloney Hoagie and shove it up your semicolon.

the editors at jacket have been very supportive through all this, but i will not be asking them to repost the essay. again, if you want to read it, email me. when writing the essay, it was not the public attention i wanted, but the private engagement with Magee’s critical work. i dont read much criticism, but i found his Emancipating Pragmatism: Emerson, Jazz, and Experimental Writing to be highly engaging and readable. There are wonderful sections on Emerson, Ellison, O’Hara, and Jazz. Magee never talks about FLARF in this book, that was my own critical leap.

you can also read a review of this book at RAINTAXI.

anyways, thanks again to everyone who has commented on this blog and in private emails.



3 thoughts on “v-a-c-a-t-i-o-n

  1. It’s true, I do! This so takes me back to a time when I thought Eliot was, like, crazy avant-garde. And it’s so sad: I know ALL the lyrics to “Foolish Words”, and I hear it’s what people sing together after Ted Kooser readings.

    Okay, I’ll shut up now.

  2. haha…i’ve never been to a ted kooser reading, i wonder if what you say is true 😉

    i’ll go see below

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