what’s my name?


so not only is my first ever chapbook out from SHADOWBOX press (if you havent bought one yet–$5–go get it, they’ll be gone quicker than my sanity 😉 — i just receive my contributor copies tonight and they are absolutely gorgeous–and the poems are not all that bad either 😉


my first ever Tinyside is available from BIG GAME BOOKS it’s a selection of 5 prose poems from a collection titled Preterrain. it only costs $1!!! so please buy one also!!! tho i don’t think PAYPAL accepts quarters.

you’ll notice that i use my full name in the Shadowbox chap, but my initials in the Tinyside. you’ll also notice that I will be reading with just my first and last names in this reading series, (only my second ever featured reading):

Poetry and more – an invitation to the 2007

Evelyn Avenue Reading Series

08/05: Andrew Joron and Colleen Lookingbill

08/19: Amanda Field and Linda Norton
*celebrating their new EtherDome chapbooks*

08/26: Craig Perez and Maryrose Larkin

All readings are on Sundays, beginning at 2pm.

632 Evelyn Ave., Albany, CA 94706


so mark your calendars if you are lucky enough to live in the bay area. and no i am NOT having an identity crisis.


just for a little teaser, here is the last prose poem of Preterrain:

This weather when you can’t tell what is yours. This figural atmosphere which is nothing more than need. What more can you see than what it is to see, which itself is absence: an unknown bird, an open estuary. But will we find that shared place? As if nets of echo no longer clothe the singing. As if, to preclude its being in the present, a bell empties the sky.


yo, that’s worth a least a buck-fiddy!


and here’s a prose poem from my shadowbox chap:


Our essential belongings: breath, memory, first languages. I want to burn the shadows of dancers to see if there are roots without flower, flesh without toll, dreams without pronouns. We no longer say ‘rescued’: among touch and syntax, only the song of what is here. But even this decays, sentences like flags on a torn floor. If not a fossil of a butterfly, where would all this blood go? I hide my eyes to see what darkness chooses. With what anguish will we receive each thing? With what gratitude?


yo, that poem is worth at least fo-fiddy!


and email me, im heavy bored.



5 thoughts on “what’s my name?

  1. Re: what’s my name?

    Some people call you the space cowboy, yeah
    Some call you the gangster of love
    Some people call you C.S.
    Cause ya speak of the pompitus of love.

  2. Craig, these samples are just stunning. My order’s in. Strangely they make me think more of French and Spanish poetry (in translation) than much of the New American prose poetry tradition. This is a very good thing for me.

  3. oscar,

    ha! you said pompitus 😉


    awesome–thanks for your support and kind words. im glad it’s a good thing 😉 prose poem is still the most difficult form me for some reason, dont really understand the prosody of it, but it’s def the form i get lost in the most…


  4. Actually, why email when the phone is handy? Uh uh uh (as Claire would say), I got your voicemail.

  5. Hello person who I’m reading with–

    I’m waving at you. Wanna trade books?


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