first middle last name craig has a review of Brenda Cardenas’s From the Tongues of Brick and Stone at RATTLE. check it out



2 thoughts on “NEW REVIEW LIVE

  1. Thanks for reviewing this Momotombo Press title, Craig. I think it’s destined to become a collector’s item. Brenda’s first full length collection is under contract with Bilingual Press. It’s called BOOMERANG and it’s part of a series that’s going to debut next year THE DATE FRUIT ELEGIES by John Olivares Espinoza. The series is called CANTO COSAS.

    You are one tireless reviewer. Congratulations on your chapbook! I’m going to place an order right now. And I’ll check out the broadside too. I’ll be getting you Scott Inguito’s MS before long.

  2. hey francisco,

    can’t wait for the new Canto Cosas titles. maybe i can get my name on their review copy list 😉

    and thanks for your support! hope you enjoy the poems 😉


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