so the first part of this month has been pretty quiet regarding submissions. but in the last week, i’ve received 7 rejections! and 3 acceptances! there was even one day when i received 3 rejections! rejections dont bother me so much anymore, but 3 in a day was a bit frustrating. ah well. just received an acceptance today from a university print journal so i was happy about that.


i am starting to feel reviewing withdrawals as i havent written a review all month! i have six review copies in my reviewing tray (a rhetorical tray, not an actual one), but i havent been able to get to them yet because i’ve been working on 2 essay the last 2 weeks. i finished the first one pretty quickly and sent it to a journal to be considered. it is called:

Linguistic Ground and Musical Horizon: On Louis Zukofsky and William Carlos Williams

it was pretty short (about 5 pages) and examined the conception of “musical conditions” in WCW and LZ. interesting i think.

the second essay is a longer one, which i am still working on and am about one draft away from being DONE!!! i was actually asked to write this essay (one positive consequence of the whole Magee essay fiasco). don’t know if the editor will dig it, but i think it’s engaging: it’s called:

“Free Within Ourselves” : The Ethnic Poet & The Three Paths of the Racial Mountain

it looks at work by Hughes, Williams, Jose Garcia Villa, and Baraka. as well, there’s kind of a mini anthology at the end of the essay. it’s been fun to write needless to say…but a lot of work as it’s now 22 pages. i’ll be SOOOOOO happy when it’s done and submitted and i can get back to reviewing 😉

my most immediate book to review is Ada Limon’s LUCKY WRECK. which i actually finished reading and outlined my review. and i tell you what, it is a great book. if you havent read Limon’s work, you must check it out.

more soon,



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