francisco aragon talks about the anthology: THE WIND SHIFTS: New Latino Poetry on today’s Poetry Foundation PODCAST.

a great (tho way too short) talk. the podcast also presents reading of 2 incredible poems by brenda cardenas and steven cordova (who are in the anthology)

i’ve been reading the anthology for the past month or so, and it’s really quite amazing. by highlighting the aesthetic range and risk of “new latino poetry,” aragon opens the “borders” of what one might conceptualize as “latino poetry.”

another great thing about THE WIND SHIFTS–besides the poetry–is aragon’s introduction, by far the best intro to an anthology i’ve read. i actually re-read the intro today because it speaks to the essay i just finished writing about “Ethnic” poetry in America. yes, i did just finish it today!!!

yes, buy the anthology if you can. amazing work by a lot of writers who i’ve either reviewed or am in the process of reviewing, such as:

brenda cardenas
scott inguito
kevin a. gonzalez
paul martinez pompa
& emmy perez

(forgive all the missing accents…havent figured out how to include them in blogger)

another thing i love about really great anthologies is the chance to rummage through the contributor bios and see which of the writers have books out that i can buy! im gonna be broke after this–i curse you francisco!!! 😉



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