new poems at BOXIBEE


2 more poems from my chapbook of prose poems, titled PRETERRAIN, were just published on BOXIBEE.

what’s cool about BOXIBEE is that they do both a print and an online version. so there are two PRETERRAIN poems ONLINE, and then two different ones in the PRINT version. i just received my print copy today, and it’s one of the most beautiful to touch hand made journals i’ve seen in awhile–and it’s only $2. also features poetry by Julie Carr, Brandon Johnson, and Amy Wright.

the cool thing too is that BOXIBEE is going to publish in Denver, Seattle, and Providence (what’s photo’d above is the Denver version). one of the editors is Meagan Wilson, whose blog you can read HERE. a very kind editor and she’ll be attending IOWA writer’s workshop soon!

if possible, please post the BOXIBEE links on your blog and support this new endeavor!!!!


5 more poems from PRETERRAIN can be bought for $1 at BIG GAME BOOKS as a TINYSIDE.


PRETERRAIN as a whole is forthcoming from Auxiliary Press some time i think in 08.


also, a great interview & article with RICH VILLAR. some great poems of his too. Rich appeared in Achiote Seeds Spring 2007 issue, which unfortunately is SOLD OUT. we were fortunate to publish some of his poems and a great essay in the issue. fortunate also if you bought this issue 😉


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