and if it is, dont wake me up! let me tell: TINFISH PRESS is going to publish my full-length manuscript (titled “from unincorporated territory“) in 2008!!! i cant even express how my happiness feels!!!

will write more about this tomorrow as i am working on my review of ada limon’s this big fake world. such a good book.


also, check out the Summer 2007 issue of FULL TILT, a journal of East Asian poetry, translation, and the arts. here’s the description:

In addition to the eight conversations on poetry, translation and the arts that you will find linked below, this issue of Full Tilt contains translations of contemporary tanka and haiku by the venerable Hiroaki Sato, prose poems by the overseas Chinese poet Shoo Tao, a vintage flash fiction by Korea’s master of the short story Hwang Sun-wŏn, a gallery of images and audio recordings from China’s burgeoning culture of performance poetry, graffiti art by Taiwan’s controversial Bbrother, and a choice audioclip from Michael Berry’s interview of Chinese auteur director Jia Zhangke.



4 thoughts on “THIS IS NOT A DREAM

  1. this is fabulous news! congratulations!!!! tinfish is a GOOD press and a good home for your ms!

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