so my goal is to write one more review this month: on Keith Waldrop’s THE REAL SUBJECT from OMNIDAWN PRESS. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

interestingly, i just reviewed Ada Limon’s THIS BIG FAKE WORLD and there are many similarities between the two books.


in the past few days, i’ve recieved cathy park hong’s DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION and TRANSLATING MO’UM. i’m really excited to read/review them on the plane!


and by “on the plane”, i mean when i’m on my way to Hawaii on aug 3! come swiftly O sweet vacation!


so i’m reading for a series on Aug 26, and I’m very excited because it will be my first reading where i’ll actually have some published material to read from. today i tried to order more of my TINYSIDES to have some to sell, but i found out that they have sold all the copies except one. so i got the last one!!! hope you had a chance to get a copy 😉

so im ordering a bunch of extra copies of my chap from SHADOWBOX to sell at the reading. so if you havent got that one yet, please do before i buy them out 😉 only $5.


okay, gonna go finish reading the Collected Poems of Muriel Rukeyser (my free reading 😉


oh, check out the fascinating conversation at nicholas’s blog.



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