2 points if you guess the current title


i get why people poo-poo on their MFA experiences and MFAs in general–but i actually went to a really great program (Univ. of San Francisco)–perhaps because my teachers were almost all part of the ‘experimental’ tradition (such as aaron shurin, paul hoover, rusty morrison, rob halpern, susan gevirtz, d a powell, and truong tran) (not only that, but norma cole taught there the year after i finished…and elizabeth robinson taught there a year before i attended). there was never any pressure to be ‘less experimental’ and we were always pushed to interrogate any stable conceptions of identity, subjectivity, narrative, etc as well as any superficial conceptions of prosody. also, how can i complain since my recently accepted MS was my MFA thesis.

i mention all of this because i FINALLY received my MFA DIPLOMA today!!! it’s purr-ty. i think i will frame and give to the ‘rents.

and who says an MFA isnt job training? i’ve already been offered 2 college teaching gigs with my MFA (neither of which i’ve taken since i will be a student again)


i also received today jenny boully’s MOVEABLE TYPES from NOEMI PRESS for review. it’s really gorgeous so if you gots the extra cash, go get it!


last night, i got acceptance #5 for the month. my review of THE WIND SHIFTS, which started on this blog, will appear in the August issue of Galatea Resurrects. besides that review, i have 2 others appearing in the issue–exciting to me. not so exciting are the 7 rejections for this month. boo.


am still working on my review of THE REAL SUBJECT. this is seriously the only poetry book i’ve ever read and laughed out loud.


i FINALLY finished reading THE COLLECTED POEMS OF MURIEL RUKEYSER…took me all month. want to write about her work at some point, but for now, enjoy this little poem of hers:


That first green night of their dreaming, asleep beneath the Tree,
God said, “Let meanings move,” and there was poetry.


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