cake, war criminals, and the last set of pics


today, one of my second graders waltzed into class and said: “I ate my homework.” I asked, “Why?” He said, “because it was a piece of cake.”


and before i forget, this from Tinfish Press. please circulate widely as it is quite an interesting project:

Tinfish Press’s “Send a Book to a War Criminal” Drive

Tinfish Press has just published a chapbook by Sarith Peou, titled
CORPSE WATCHING. This book of poems details Peou’s experiences under the
genocidal Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia. Please see for details.

I decided to send a copy to former Secretary of State and Nobel Peace
Prize Laureate, Henry Kissinger, whose actions were largely responsible
for the Khmer Rouge’s coming to power in 1975.

But I want everyone to have this chance. Send $10 to Tinfish Press (less
than the usual price of $12) and we will send a copy of the book to the
war criminal of your choice with a personalized card to say who’s
responsible for sending it along. There are many such war
criminals—choose one or more. If at all possible, please track down
their addresses for us.


and the last set of pics from hawai’i. the second to last pic is of me, my cousin, and my auntie. the last pic is of susan schultz’s 2 incredibly cute kids, their giant cat, and my partner. one of the highlights of my trip was having dinner with susan and her family–and it turns out that she lives 5 minutes from my auntie and uncle’s house in kaneohe!



2 thoughts on “cake, war criminals, and the last set of pics

  1. Terror alert raised to the black level: White House Bombarded by Poetry.

    Someday I’ll Be Sitting in a Dingy Bar, Hwang Jiwoo.

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