TINFISH PRESS NEWS: September, 2007

Tinfish is proud to announce the publication of farout_library_software,
by Pam Brown & Maged Zaher. Design by Chae Ho Lee. $10 from Tinfish
Press. You can purchase on-line or by sending a check to Tinfish at
47-728 Hui Kelu Street #9, Kane`ohe, HI 96744. More information here:

While you’re there, please check out our other new stuff. The War
Criminal offer is still on for Sarith Peou’s Corpse Watching. Get a
second chap for yourself at the same low price of $10. Someday I’ll Be
Sitting in a Dingy Bar, by Hwang Jiwoo, is on SPD’s new “recommended” list.

We have a new art feature here:

and a new issue of Tinfish net, this one on translation, here:

I have a new anti-war project on facebook, the sidewalk blog (click on
the photos to make them bigger and to unveil the narrative of each
sign’s life):

The month of August from my Dementia Blog appears in the current issue

I am also proud to announce two new books by students. Sage Takehiro’s
poetry is strong, bitter, and well worth the read:

Ian Sample has written a memoir of his time with the UH football team.
It (and deleted passages he put up on myspace) have caused quite a stir



Susan M. Schultz
Tinfish Press



  1. great tinfish line-up, as ever. oh, and of course it’s eileen’s “the light sang as it left your eyes”. can’t wait to get my copy!

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