i’ve been working on a new chapbook this month which i’ve finished! 17 pages of good, clean fun. it’s called “informant” and mostly inspired by many of the readings i’ve been doing for school. i’ll post some poems today, and if you’d like to read more, let me know and i’ll post over the next coupla days. if not, not.


First Apology to the Lone Ethnographer

Forgive me,
I know I’m supposed to be vanishing.


Research or The Master / Slave Dialectic

I hunger.
I eat millet seeds.
You hunger.
You fill our skulls.
Be respectful,
a dead servant won’t
obey anyone.



Eat my raw materials, wrap me
in your used blankets, call me ‘desirable’.
And when the blankets warm
rescue, my love, my phenomena.
Lay me alongside the flora and fauna.


Claims to Land Rights

There are often statutes
of limitation.




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