more poems from INFORMANT


Second Apology to the Lone Ethnographer

I have eaten
the preserved heads
that were in
the glassbox

and which
you were probably
for science

Forgive me
they were mysterious
so savage
and so alone


Blood Quantum

‘Who is worth saving?’ refers to the amount.
Blood tells.
‘Who is still innocent from contamination?’ refers to the mounting.
Blood tolls.

Blood ties.
I am watered down.
I am watered down.
I am watered down.
I am watered down.
Blood lies.


With the Master’s Tools

With the master’s tools, I handle the master’s knife.
With the master’s tools, I dismantle the master’s life.


Decolonizing the Western Archive




go see if they’re still here


do you like? more?



5 thoughts on “more poems from INFORMANT

  1. hear hear on your audre lorde ‘masters tools’ poem. i actually have always had a problem with that statement. but that’s just me. good to see you being so prolific!

  2. this second bunch of poems has me thirsty for more… blood… and poetry.

    … oh and guess what… the lovely heather of overhere press posted your happy chappy to me today (they got a little side tracked with something or other, but got right on it for me, and are even sending me another chappy for free!)

    these poems are fabulous craig… you are fabulous… we should start writing again… something different.

    i will email you in the next few weeks.

    happy autumn. (do you get autumn in california?)

  3. hey barbara, i tend lorde’s statement generously, as in we cant dismantle the house with only the master’s tools. thus i thot a heroic couplet would be fitting 😉

    thanks susan, i just recently attended a rally and march on the uc berkeley campus supporting the Native American community trying to get back remains from the hearst museuem on campus. my perverse imagination kinda took over.

    thanks sheryl, i will post a few more.

    hey katy, so vampiric! hope you like the work and thanks for your support! yes we must start another project soon 😉

    no not really autumn. i summer all year 😉

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