poetry readings


on monday night i got to hear dolores dorantes and jen hofer read from their new book just out from kenning editions / counterpath. it was amazing! this book is absolutely one of the best i’ve read in quite awhile. dolores is an incredible writer and jen is an incredible translator and i was so happy to meet them both…especially since they were kind enough to submit 10 pages of the work to the summer issue of ACHIOTE SEEDS, which if you havent purchased yet, i think you should–we only have about 30 copies left. you can get them here. the reading was cool too because patrick durgin read from his own work and from his Hannah Wiener’s Open House…and another kenning author, jesse seldess, read from Who Opens. you can get all these books here.

the reading was perfect because it was at Moe’s bookstore (in berkeley) and it was right after my class and 2 of my favorite peoples were there: oscar & barbara. there are no other people who are more enjoyable to sit next to at a poetry reading (for reasons which shall not be spoken here 😉

on sunday, i also attended another great reading at UC berkeley: Asian American Poetry Now, which featured the most amazing lineup: Barbara Jane Reyes, Truong Tran, Cathy Park Hong, Paolo Javier, Eileen Tabios, Tsering Dhompa, and David Lau. it’s okay to be jealous. and not only that, it was curated by Chris Chen, who’s a genius and a poet!

did i tell you i read at a laundromat?



8 thoughts on “poetry readings

  1. did you go, unannounced, to this laundomat and read poetry to the spinning underwear and socks?

  2. you know i jest.

    a laundromat is an ideal location for a writing center. domestic, warm, lots of seats and a dull hum in the background for harmony.

    i would read at a landromat.

  3. i know you jest 😉 i actually thot it might be funny if i stashed my poems in the dryer and pulled them out right before i read…then i can claim that the poems were, indeed, HOT.

    if you ever come to cali, we’ll read at a laundromat


  4. oooh we should write a laundry list poem together. (i suppose we’ll have to make up the rules of what a laundry list poem is first though.)

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