hot and fresh out the kitchen


happy day today: received word that 2 of my poems will appear in the haynaku anthology 2. the poems are called ‘on form’ and ‘were there proud songs’. i wrote them a long time ago, i think in 05 when the first call for submissions came out…so i had to re-check my files to read them and hey, they’re quite different. now i will revise / submit the ones that were rejected.


anyhoo, i wrote a poem today. writing IS fun:


Prenatal: it was a consecrated place.
Natal: it was only after their war service had ended.
Natural: sorry, I couldn’t ignore the direct link.
Native: my life line, my love line, my death line.
Naturalize: and all the losses to this debt.
Nation: for the glories or excesses.


to get the weekend started:


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