blah blah and a new poem


good news: new acceptance today from DRUNKENBOAT of some of my translations. they are doing a special folio of (mis)translation so that’s exciting.

just finished reading for my wednesday class: shari huhndorf’s GOING NATIVE: INDIANS IN THE AMERICAN CULTURAL IMAGINATION. very interesting…also for my class tonight we talked about lisa lowe’s IMMIGRANT ACTS: ON ASIAN AMERICAN CULTURAL POLITICS. one of the most interesting reads so far in the Ethnic Studies intro class. tho last week we read mae ngai’s IMPOSSIBLE SUBJECTS: ILLEGAL ALIENS AND THE MAKING OF MODERN AMERICA, which is the most amazing. lisa lowe’s book was a nice departure from many of the other book i’ve been reading–which focus more on the social sciences–because she does a lot with asian american literature, including an incredible chapter on Theresa Hak Kyung Cha’s DICTEE.


speaking of dictee, i started a new series inspired by it and lowe’s work. not sure if anyone will find it interesting, but here’s the first poem:

dictation 1

after Theresa Hak Kyung Cha

seeds become corpses.
of tongue.
we enter the air.
veins become wings.
measures the broken span.
our spaces become bone.

‘bone’ digresses into paper.
memory becomes blood.
grafted skin.
scars these belated signs.


you are getting sleepy:


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