who’s afraid of numbers trouble?


at this point, i’m sure everyone’s read the young/spahr essay in the chicago review, ashton’s response, and the surrounding blog discussions so i wont be linking as i still havent finished my reading for tomorrow (i just started a book called ‘writing indian nations: native intellectuals and the politics of historiography 1827-1863’–longest title ever!).

i’ve never been one to enjoy when white men squirm and discomfort when they are indicted for excluding women. and i dont enjoy either when white men and white women squirm when they are indicted for excluding race from the discussion. i also won’t link to any examples in poblog world of this occurring–it’s only amusing to a point.

one thing that troubles me tho is how easily men of color are excluded from this discussion. once men are indicted for excluding women, the conversation becomes about women. when the conversation is about women, it becomes about how that conversation is merely about white women. when women of color are added to the dialog, the conversation funnels. the problem i feel is that ‘men’ isn’t conceived as ‘white men’–and men of color get the shaft, so to speak. when anyone talks about how men are more represented in publishing than women…what they should be saying is ‘white men’ so that the inclusion of more men of color, becomes an essential intervention.


one thing that’s clear is that SO MANY WHITE editors are very very afraid to be counted and they come up with the most hilarious defenses for this.

ACHIOTE PRESS aint scared to be counted:

after 6 chapbooks:

7 women
7 men

12 ethnic writers
2 white writers

and please dont start claiming reverse discrimination–some of my best friends in high school were white. and we have our token white writers.

truthfully, white people just don’t submit to us! i query so many of them and they just dont submit! i really dont understand it! and i’m not just going to publish substandard white writers to fill a gap for some abstract notion of equality! i publish only the best work! i’m not going to lower my aesthetic standards just to include white writers! white writers need to rise up to my aesthetic! okay i’ll stop…editors say the funniest shit.


speaking of ACHIOTE PRESS, we had our INDEPENDENT PRESS SPOTLIGHT event at INTERSECTION OF THE ARTS on the 20th, and i totally thot no one was gonna be there because of the thanksgiving. but guess what, the place was sold out–folks were sitting on the floor and on the steps!!! over 100 people in attendance. the release of our fall chapbooks went well, and we sold much more than expected at the reading. they will be available for public purchase next week. our readers, truong tran and victoria leon-guerrero, were amazing!!! also, they do this cool thing where a few of their actors perform a poem from the press’s catalog. they chose a very powerful piece by Oscar Bermeo which was in our summer issue. if you want to check it out, we have about 12 copies left available at our website



One thought on “who’s afraid of numbers trouble?

  1. yes, I get to be token!! this is my first ever time. thanks to the jury and everyone involved. and i don’t know why those other white writers don’t submit: maybe they’re more afraid of rejection than the ethnic avant? also, white people are generally more sensitive and private, more introverted. of course that’s not achiote’s fault 😉

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