little letter to nicholas manning


this letter is in response to nicholas’s comment in the post below.


dear mr. manning,

we at achiote press want you to know that we didnt intentionally tokenize you or your work. in theory, we never do anything intentional, so please don’t read our use of the word token as symptomatic. it’s more like systemic, which means something our great-grandfathers did.

upon reading ‘novaless’ we felt that your work was refreshingly exotic. your poems are sensuously lyrical, savagely intellectual, and frighteningly fragmented. we wondered what kind of strange culture could produce such mysterious syntactic rhythms. when we learned you were from australia we thot that maybe you might have a little aboriginal in you–all it takes is one drop!

by publishing your work, we hoped to show the world that exotic white writing has arrived upon our proverbial shores!

we’re glad you mention the private nature of many white writers; it explains the shortcomings of our under-representation of white writers. we at achiote press understand how important the rituals of ‘private property’ are to white people, and we respect this charming traditional value.

thanks again mr. manning, and we hope that there will be others that follow in your pioneering footsteps.

achiote press


2 thoughts on “little letter to nicholas manning

  1. dearest achiote,

    i have never felt so accepted: THANKYOU. before i met with your explicit shows of tolerance- of which this is but an example -i always felt lost, set adrift among my wild-eyed cultural pasts! but you have brought these varied coloured threads together behind me and in me by your at once empirical and empire-ical approval! oh may i sit now among my private property, and give thanks for an acceptance which maketh me whole ;p)

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