sonnet rhymes with bonnet


yet i have so much to do! i just finished writing 10–count em–2 page responses for one of my classes. i was supposed to be doing them all semester, but totally forgot. ugh. one class down, 2 to go.


so i got my first acceptance of the month today! after 5 rejections, it was a relief. it’s my review of Ada Limon’s This Big Fake World, which if you havent read, i highly recommend.


i got so sick of writing paragraph prose that i decided to write a sonnet inspired by the master sonneteer Javier O Huerta. if you havent read his book yet, it was just shouted upon at the poetry blog by Rigoberto Gonzalez! Here’s a declaration/clarification: Rigoberto Rules!


anywayz, here’s my lame attempt:


I want the unborn brink of the line—
to rearrange syntax in the storm
‘s moment. They say, ‘if you mine
the structure of some master’s form,
you will uncover its iron keys.’
But what good are helpless objects
when you can’t even breathe?
I want my eyes to see their own text
reflected in the burnt field—
to cross over the stolen bridge.
They say, ‘even borrowed tools will yield.’
They say, ‘only after you know the cliff-edge
can you return from shore to land
and turn from this—into these hands.’



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