snow sensitive skin


I just received the most beautiful chapbook i’ve ever seen. it’s SNOW SENSITIVE SKIN by rob halpern and taylor brady. get it now before it sells out at ATTICUS FINCH. i can’t even begin to talk about the poetry. OMG! i’m in shock. some of the most amazing work i’ve ever read. they sell out rather quickly, so for real…get this!


speaking of amazing poems…i just wrote a new sonnet before i crash. hope you dig it:

Sonnet 2

Her child dead—ten thousand
others. It was never a mystery
why she had no master plan;
she was raised in the history
of what our father had removed.
Terminal halls; terminal staircases;
thirteen windows in this cursed room.
We enter through the fireplaces—
‘Appease us! Appease us!’ we beg.
Thirteen panes of glass; thirteen panels.
With our shadows breaking her spider web,
she opens the terminal door to hell.
You can’t stop building this house.



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