sonnet boom


haha i cant stop writing sonnets. 3 nights in a row…this is what happens when i have to write essays for my class (i was working on my big final one today). stay tuned:

(and will someone PLEASE guess the blog title as i’m getting way too many hits with people searching for threesomes.)

Sonnet after Claude McKay

If we must die. Our voices
tied to the wall like dogs.
You offered us the choice
to fight or to obey their God.
If we must die, this is stolen.
If we must die, this is sold.
We die because we are a burden
to the flag, to those who hold
the plenary Word. We must die.
Only then will we belong
to the history of our lives,
to the wall that becomes song.
Press our body to the weeds
and from shadows will empty.



2 thoughts on “sonnet boom

  1. I’m not really a fan. But it’s the Mexperimental H-Man Heriberto Yepez. The title, that is.

    Love the sonnets. You should write your essays in the sonnet sequence form.

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