an achiote filled poetry week


first, thanks to everyone who has purchased the Achiote Press chapbooks! i’m happy to say that we are almost sold out (about 80%). so if you havent ordered yet, please do so soon as i cant guarantee they will survive the holidays šŸ˜‰


speaking of great poetry, on thursday, i had the pleasure of attending monica de la torre‘s reading at Berkeley’s Lunch Poems series. i already love her work and she’s a great reader. it was great to meet her also beause she is submitting to achiote press’s next issue of achiote seeds! i got to chat with her for a brief a moment and she signed my copy of her book TALK SHOWS.

that night after i got off work, i learned that Alfred Arteaga (who was in achiote’s summer issue) was at the Berkeley campus bar. it’s always a big ‘event’ when he’s on campus because he so rarely is. and he always draws a crowd. luckily, i found a seat at the table and got to chat with him for awhile. in attendance also was Javier O. Huerta. somehow, him and i were the last ones there–so we finished the pitcher šŸ˜‰ did i mention, javier is also going to be in the next achiote issue with monica!

then on friday…i went to san francisco to see oscar bermeo (in achiote summer) and debbie yee read at kearney street for their class taught by truong tran (in achiote fall). they were both amazing—and i also got to hear some other amazing young poets from truong’s class.


last day of class tomorrow!!! have a presentation to do….wish me luck!



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