blah blah and a new poem


if you havent checked out the OMNIDAWN BLOG yet, what are you waiting for?


and this is awesome: VOICE BOX: BAY AREA RECORDINGS. monica de la torre is the first link…now you can hear how amazing!


am still working on my final seminar paper for school. about 15 pages right now….about 5 more to go then revisions. almost done 😉


hey, i just finished a review today and sent it off to be considered. first review written in awhile so i was happy about that…i have about 7 books to review in my inbox, so that will keep me busy over the break.


have stopped writing sonnets. stopped at 7. some good, some bad. wrote a prose poem tonight which i kind of like actually. a miracle as i stink at prose. might write a few more before the year ends.


anywayz, here’s the last sonnet i will post:

Sonnet for Ciudad Juárez 2

‘Garbage’ is not outside of history.
Your faces are not masks
of assembly lines, desert trash heaps,
border regions. We ask:
can you survive beyond the spaces
you are supposed to inhabit?
The production of human waste
is not your souls’ transit—
under the crossed signs of death,
within the figurative margins.
Unmade in America. Not your breath;
not one more. Made in Violence.
Will your bodies ever return home
without voices? without any echo?



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