big news at the end of this post


first, a bit of news:

i have some new poems published at CSR’s new issue. an odd mix of poems, but they have my full name on them so i think i must have writ them.


second, a bit of news:

the omnidawn blog has been updated. go see.


third, an update:

i spent most of the holiday moving into a new (cheaper!) apartment. finally got the internet hooked up and everything seems fully operational, except a few lightbulbs, and an outlet, and the bathroom lights. i now live about 10 minutes up a hill from the old place….so there’s a nice view of the bay. & i got a bbq grill for xmas! woohoo–grilled steaks for everyone!

work started up on the 3rd. like, my part-time paying job. i teach at an afterschool center and now is the time that i have to catch up on all the grading and write evals and meet with parents. not really stressful, just busy.

today, i finished the final draft of my forthcoming book and sent it to the publisher…am glad to have that done and i am very very excited about the 2 confirmed blurbers (or is it blurbsters?). tho i still have to send the bio and acknowledgements page. always something. def one of the highlights of 2007 was finding out about the book acceptance 😉

my goal for 2007 was to write 50 reviews. i failed. i only managed to write 38 (28 of which have been published or are forthcoming). what messed the whole plan up was school. damn school. curse school. i didnt know i would be in school at the beginning of 2007. tho i must admit, getting accepted to the program i’m now in was one of the highlights of last year. and i survived my first semester! SO, my new goal for 2008 is to write 40 reviews. thus far, i’ve written 2 and am in the middle of another.

another goal for 2008: go to gym. who knew, but Berkeley has an amazing gym…and it only costs 10$ a semester! thus far this year, i’ve been 5 times. tho today i accidentally stole the free towel they provide. oops.

also, the achiote press peeps have been working hard to get out our winter issues in time for AWP. we are doing 3 chapbooks this time around and things are almost done…am finalizing one last cover, and am waiting for one last bio. then off to press we go! if you are at AWP, find me, achiote press is sharing a table with Tinfish Press. also, we are doing 2 off-site readings. starting achiote press was also a highlight of 2007.

p.s. if you havent bought our most recent pair of chapbooks yet, go to our website now because we only have 6 pairs left.


last, big news:

just found out that i will be reading at the Holloway Reading Series at UC Berkeley with Nathaniel Mackey on Feb 7, at 7pm.

and i get to go out to dinner with him after (along with other faculty / student poets)! so so excited because he’s one of my favorite poets.

mark your calendars for those in the bay area!


maybe 2008 will be a happy year. this song makes me feel happy:

11 thoughts on “big news at the end of this post

  1. Have fun at AWP!

    I’ll definitely be there for your reading with Mackey. Can I poet-groupie with you guys?

  2. congrats on all the good news, brotherman.

    ps- By Lingual Wholes by Victor Hernández Cruz

  3. Congratulations on the Holloway Series reading. I have soft spot for that series. As an undergraduate at UCB, I went to all of them.

    Momotombo Press will have a table at AWP too. See you there.

  4. thanks everyone!

    am excited to see you, ivy & francisco, at AWP!

    b, you can totally poet groupie 😉

    and oscar gets the point! damn, i thought that title would last at least a few more months 😉

    let me go change the title now 😉


  5. amazing craig, such wonderful news, such bounty . . . and i actually love that initial stage of new-apartment darkness: bumping into things lets you intimately come to terms with the space, and vice versa. {also, i believe the correct noun is ‘blurberers’ . . . but you’ve left us all wondering what their identities are: is one of them ted kooser? 😉 }

  6. haha–i’ll blurberer you if you’re not careful (or is the correct verb form blurberize?)! actually, when kooser was asked to blurb my book, he said he was too “intimate” with my manuscript to write a blurb. GROSS!


    hint: one of the blurber’s name rhymes with pony hoagyland.

  7. hey lee, i do hope to see you in ny.

    nicholas, you are such an educated guesser! i hope Grony’s blurb will be an inroad towards comparative research of pacific & norwegian poetries–such fertile ground.


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