someone found my blog searching ‘blah poetry’


so the new achiote press chapbooks have now gone to press and are out of my hands. we decided to make 3 chaps this ‘winter’ so things have been a bit hectic around here. if you haven’t bought our last issue, go now–as we only have 6 copies left!!!!


today, i received my contributor’s copy of THE WEST WIND REVIEW, in which i have two poems (titled “there is no wall left to this village” and “in a landscape of not having”. i highly recommend getting a copy: not only does the cover have artwork by anne boyer, but there’s work by wonderful poets. the names i’m familiar with are catherine daly, rodney koeneke, & amy king.

“in a landscape of not having” was inspired by martha ronk’s book in a landscape of having to repeat. this poem is first in a movement called the “the new blahcerity”. i’ll post the beginning and the end and then you must get the journal to see what happens in the middle 😉


a good night kiss. night train to fewer

buildings. she says climb
its familiar taste, i can

hardly remember what is was
light […]


[…] she asks, did you hear

proud songs?
and draws, with her lipstick, on the wind-

shield (stars, spirals) to gild the seven hour sky that
teaches us to hold

our breath.


& this:



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