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school starts on wednesday, so i’ve spent the last few days trying to have some fun and relax. i finally got to read a stack of books that i received in 2007, and i have to say it felt so good to read some poetry without having to review it! is that what they mean by fun reading? who knows, but here is my list (i know i missed the whole end of year list craze, but oh well):

For Dust Thou Art, by Timothy Liu
Earshot, by Kimiko Hahn
Gutted, by Justin Chin
Red Juice, by Hoa Nguyen
Teeth, by Aracelis Girmay

in between my fun reading, i have almost finished my review of Some Clarifications y otros poemas, by Javier O Huerta.


to increase my fun, i also started a new chapbook, titled “to no allowance of water”, which is shaping up to be composed of prose poems. anyways, here’s a sample of the most recent one:

Here, all the birds were stolen. It was not the sky’s fault; the wind trades in things unknown to us. Deprived of light, the body’s country becomes divisible. Here, all your hands were stolen. I’m here because I want to believe the dead write on our hands. That we can see those close at hand and those further. Here, there’s no difference between the dust we inhale and the dust we exhale. The phenomenal world is not your invention; the land articulates dominion. It’s getting too dark for me to see. Who unknots the cord? Who lashes us? All it takes is going to the water’s edge, to the shore’s endless debris. There will always be more than what’s been counted. Here, all the things that prayer has failed.



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