last minute fun reading


this week is starting off busy! i am writing student evaluations for my day job (should be done by thursday), just bought my books for my required class (called ‘history and narrativity: contemporary theories and methods’–focusing on ethnic studies, of course), which i already have an assigned reading for wednesday! and i just finished my review (but still need to do a final draft) of the book i mentioned in the post below. plus, it seems i will be on a panel at AWP…not sure where or when yet as i’m waiting for final details. the achiote press chapbooks should be ready this week, so that is one bright spot in my week. also, just found out that i will be doing two readings in april, in california…more details to come. the worst thing tho is that now all the undergraduates are back on campus which means the campus gym is packed and there’s no parking!

anywayz, the fun reading i did today were:

1) Anthropy, by Ray Hsu
2) Mental Commitment Robots, by Sueyeun Juliette Lee

must admit, i recommend all this fun reading. tho perhaps because the books mentioned above and in the post below were so great.

hey, if you have any fun reading you want to send me, please backchannel (csperez06 [at] gmail [dot] com).


i heard this song:


2 thoughts on “last minute fun reading

  1. Ray’s book is one of my favorites. Can’t wait to see his new one, coming out in the fall.

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