Achiote Press Reading at Acentos


so last week tuesday, Rich Villar & the kind folks at ACENTOS shared their reading space in the Bronx with Achiote Press. it was a wonderful event; one of the most fun and friendly readings i’ve ever been to. one of the coolest parts was their open mic, featuring a few Acentos regulars as well as Rigoberto Gonzalez, Sheryl Luna, and Erika Wurth. i kept thinking, damn, this is the best open mic ever!

the featured readers of the night were two achiote press authors: Javier Huerta and Marina Garcia-Vasquez. they did a wonderful job reading and after we all went to a tasty restaurant in the east village after. all in all, a great way to kick off AWP.





10 thoughts on “Achiote Press Reading at Acentos

  1. first off: ¡feliz cumpleaños! we must celebrate this fine day with much cantankerous revelry.

    next: glad you had fun at acentos. you can officially say you have visited the south bronx, south, south bronx.

    oh, yeah: the outer bands by gabe gomez.

    sign off: yours in joy and light.

  2. ob, I hope you noticed the fonky (Spanglish for “funky”) new artwork and decor at our humble home.

    Craig, I’m glad you had fun, and I’m glad I got a chance to break away from the funtastic times in Newark to check yous out. Long live Achiote Press!

    Souf Souf Bronx (via Souf Souf Bloomfield, NJ),

  3. The Acentos reading in the south Bronx was a great way to kick off the AWP week, which included an elegant tribute to Tato Laviera and Sandra Maria Esteves at Mojitos in the Harlem Barrio and an amazing marathon reading at Hunter college.

    Happy Birthday Craig.

    I wish you would have used a photo of Marina reading instead of me. She’s much more beautiful.

  4. thanks sheryl & rich & javier!

    and yes, marina is quite beautiful, but the pics of her didnt come out so well ;(

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