more tales from AWP


so last wednesday was the first day of AWP setup. and that’s basically what we did. we unpacked our books from the suitcase:

and shoved them under our table on the very top floor of the bookfair:

after that, we went to a wonderful reading at the new school. the reading was called pan-african literary forum, and featured 4 writers: quincy troupe, yusef komunyakaa, Chimamanda Nogozi Adichie, and Patricia Jabbeh Wesley. here’s a sideways picture of yusef, one of my faves:

after that, we (jenn & i) went to a fancy dinner with javier huerta at this fancy steakhouse surrounded by fancy lawyers in suits. we noticed that there were many handshakings going on and thought they must be making important business deals. so we decided to make one of our own: javier is now on achiote press’s board of advisors. he is the second member, the first being rigoberto gonzalez. we’re not sure what their responsibilities entail, but it will involve a secret handshake and other secrets.

after that, we walked across town and stopped at the ice skating rink at some famous place:

then we went to the russian vodka room on 52nd and something something. there, we drank and asked javier’s about the spanish poems in his new book:

then, i was as drunk as i am now (being my birthday and all) and stumbled back to the hotel at 77th and something something.

tis was a good day



2 thoughts on “more tales from AWP

  1. I love that last photograph. That’s a classic.

    Oops ten minutes before your reading. Gotta go. Good luck.

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