these are not photoshop images



we interrupt the AWP tales because tonight i read with nathaniel mackey at UC berkeley! one of the highlights of my life (the pic above is from the dinner afterwards). here’s a pic of the crowd. you can totally see oscar & barbara right there in the front 😉 and lyn hejinian right behind them. nice moment: lyn came up to me after the reading and said some very kind things about my work!!! blush.


5 thoughts on “these are not photoshop images

  1. pity there weren’t more people there (irony)! seriously craig: congrats man! and is that oscar making that cool hand gesture? i believe that’s international sign language for “following the musical phrase” . . .

  2. Ah yes: The Maude Fife Room! Site of so many memorable readings when I was an undergrad and staffer for the BPR, including the only time I heard Robert Duncan read…Congratulations: you have a great crowd there!


  3. hey nicholas,

    it was quite a full house 😉 i didnt know you spoke ISL–damn you are talented!

    francisco, wow–i wish i couldve seen duncan read!


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