AWP tales continued


tho it seems kind of silly to continue blogging about AWP–

on thursday–the first real day of AWP–we arrived at the bookfair at 830 sharp. and who knew i would fall so hard for bagels with soy cream cheese and coffee for breakfast. i usually dont eat breakfast as i’m usually not awake for breakfast. we quickly set up our table and then i headed to see a panel called “indigenous poets”. the panel was composed of native american poets, who read from their work….it was really more of a reading than what i’d consider a panel.

after the reading, i had the pleasure of meeting 2 people i really admire. the first was Simon Ortiz, who i had just written a paper on in my native american literary course last semester–so i was very excited to chat with him. the other person was janet mcadams, who read from her book Feral. i knew janet’s name because she edits a series called Earthworks, a series from Salt Publishing that focuses on indigenous poetry. their upcoming issue will include some exciting native pacific writers–the first in their series as they’ve mostly focused on native american writers. so i’m of course very excited about this and i talked to her about reviewing the upcoming book and some of the more recent issues. it was cool because she actually knew my name as i was mentioned to her by a mutual friend.

after the panel, the rest of the day i mostly stayed at the table. we didnt sell many books that day (maybe like 15) because we were on the very top floor and the big crowds were on the first floor. so i did spend some time walking around. one of the highlights was seeing francisco aragon at the momotombo table. i sat with him for a bit and talked about some exciting projects. while there, i got to meet carmen gimenez smith, editor of noemi press. she knew my name also because she had just sent me a copy of jenny boully’s moveable types to review. she seemed very nice. besides that, i got to meet jessica smith & matthew klane, who had a table right across from ours. also, i kept running into rigoberto gonzalez & eduardo corral–such good people.

after the book fair ended at 530, we went back to the hotel to change before heading to an off-site reading. the next thing i knew, it was midnight. i had totally fallen asleep!!! didnt even get to eat dinner. so i took a shower and went back to sleep, kicking myself because i missed the con tinta party ;( next year.



2 thoughts on “AWP tales continued

  1. Thank YOU for coming by the Letras Latinas/Momotombo Press table. I too was delighted to meet Carmen Gimenez Smith. She’s doing great things down in New Mexico, and look forward to when she assumes the helm of Puerto del Sol. She’s responsible for introducing me to the work of John Chavez, whose chapbook Noemi Press put out…

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