AWP tales interrupted


we interrupt the regularly schedule program for a few announcements. very excitingly, OCHO 16 is now available. and look whose name is right before mine 😉 seriously tho, this issue looks incredible– barbara pulled together so many wonderful folks.


OCHO 16 is now available

MiPOesias Magazine Print Companion

Guest Edited by Barbara Jane Reyes

Featuring: Tara Betts, Brian Dean Bollman, Ching-In Chen, Sasha Pimentel Chacón, Linh Dinh, Sarah Gambito, Jessica Hagedorn, Jaime Jacinto, Nathaniel Mackey, Craig Santos Perez, Matthew Shenoda, Jennifer K. Sweeney, Truong Tran, Dillon Westbrook, Debbie Yee

Cover Art: “Imperialism, 24″ by Juan Carlos Quintana.


the new issue of vibrant gray is live. and no i dont have any work in it–i’m actually the poetry editor 😉 hey, if you havent submitted to vibrant gray yet–why not? we aren’t getting as many poetry submissions as i’d like.


and finally–check out this snippet from an official looking electronic document that i just received:

i would post my abstract, but i’d have to find it first.


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