i write poetry too you know


have been tinkering with a new chapbook (called ‘to no allowance of water’)…excitingly, it’s forming couplets…school is in full swing so i have to wait till the end of each day to work a few lines…keeping me sane…anyhoo, if you have thots on it, let me know as i’m always open to make some changes….


[the tide at poise]

First, the arriving: air
is air, thing is thing. No voices

sing our accepted names.
You point to a broken mirror, say

for whatever we lose,
it’s always ourselves we find—

each fragment whole
with sky, each open vow-

el. If this is the end
of arms…

If night is given, then why
can’t we keep it

for just a moment
longer. We are silent as

we watch the tide
at poise, the tide at wounding.

You say it’s a song
like all other songs that

become less
and less forgiving.



2 thoughts on “i write poetry too you know

  1. i like it.

    is that too simple a statement? i don’t mean it to be. i mean “i like it” to mean as much as it possibly can, given its short nature (as far as phrases go).

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