YAY! my latest chapbook is now available for purchase from COROLLARY PRESS.

corollary is edited by the amazing Juliette Lee. i am still in shock about being in the same company as Summi Kaipa, Bhanu Kapil, Pamela Lu, Jason Daniel Schwartz, Lynn Xu, and Christopher Stackhouse. Some of my favorite writers!!!

So what can i tell you about the chap….well, all PROSE POEMS. the title comes from a word used in ethnography. According to James Clifford, preterrain (lit ‘fore-field’) is “all those places you have to go through and be in relation with just to get to your village or to that place of work you will call your field” (1992:100).

Another good definition from Pels & Salemink in the intro to their edited book: Colonial Subjects: Essays on the Practical History of Anthropology:

“[preterrain] is made up of the hybrid spatiotemporal relationships that precondition the work of ethnography: mercantile, colonial, or academic discursive practices that define the possibility and necessity of going ‘out there’; means of transport; forms of residence; power relationships with and within the societies the ethnographer shall describe; the modes of production and reproduction of these relationships” (2000:13).

PLEASE support Corollary Press and buy PRETERRAIN.

here’s the first poem to help convince you i hope 😉


we learn how to swim in this place / conjugate of water,
birch, alyssum / bells sound belonging to isolation / we
approach the river and touch its single tree, its tendons,
its refuse / someone calls our name / we continue, nearly
holding the ground / they say the fish appear on the
banks all at once because they were killed all at once /
counting our possessions, we’re told to proceed on our



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