5 thoughts on “who is C St Perez? -or- NEW REVIEW LIVE

  1. Robert Lowell, “Life Studies.” Even Benjamin knew that one.

    xoxo “St. Perez”


  2. I didn’t know you were a Saint!

    (C St Perez)

    But seriously, nice review. It’s the second time I’ve seen an analogy between poetry and punk in the last couple of days. Brian is too measured for me to ever think of him as punk, but it’s interesting how you’re using it here.


  3. HG gets the point (since she also mentioned the author)! and a prize for 5 points in a row!!! hmmm…what would she like for a prize?

    hey gary…hope your hand is okay!!!

    i’m a born again saint 😉

    yeah, i dont know enough about punk to push the analogy much further than i did…i agree–it may only hold up as a surface analogy in brian’s work as far as i can tell.


  4. This is for Craig Santos Perez, I have spent several wonderful hours reading H.D. “The Walls Do Not Fall” and your blog from a few years ago. I loved reading your blog. Then I was searching to find your email somewhere somewhere — so I could tell you. I did find one name familiar: Rich Villar, whom I know. I’ve been to the poetry readings at the Bruckner Bar, in the Bronx, where I live. Poetry is a small world. If you ever read in New York, I hope I hear about it! I am N. G. Haiduck nhaiduck@optonline.net. Thanks for the H.D. Trilogy blog. THANKS!

  5. Dear NG, thanks for your kind email and for finding me!!! I’m so glad you enjoyed reading my HD blog-obsession….i miss reading HD. Rich is awesome. the press i co-edit (achiote press) had a reading at ole Bruckner in January–a great space. you will def. hear about any readings i have in new york 😉

    will hold on to your email and please hold onto mine: csperez06 [at] gmail [dot] com


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